Why Binfire

For the past 2 years our team has worked hard to bring the best online project management and collaboration application to our users. We are a small engineering team working toward one goal, to give our customers the best project management too possible. We want to increase the productivity and reduce the time it takes to bring new products to the market. Our background is project management and software development for large and multi disciplinary products. We are building a project management application to help us mange our own projects and make our customer more productive.

Binfire’s task manager supports tasks and subtasks, sub-subtasks, milestones and dependency. Our competition struggled for months to introduce a simple subtask in their application. With great fanfare and marketing gimmicks they introduced subtasks last week. The problem is they don’t understand the relationship of tasks and sub-tasks. After all a task is broken into subtasks to breakdown large tasks to simpler tasks. Binfire task manager treats tasks which have subtasks as containers and adjust the length of the task depending on the length of it subtasks. Think about it, subtasks for a given task are the sum of all things needed to be done for that task to be completed. In other words a complex task is divided into smaller tasks and the smaller tasks are divided into yet smaller tasks until each task is simple and well understood. For example see the sample project I have shown below. There are level one tasks and level two tasks (like subtask 1.1) and level 3 tasks like subtask 1.3.1 and so on.


—-Task 1.

——–Subtask 1.1

——–Subtask 1.2

——–Subtask 1.3

————–Subtask 1.3.1

————–Subtask 1.3.2

————–Subtask 1.3.3






—-Task 2.

—-Task 3.

As you see a complex task like “Task 1.” is simplified to smaller tasks and those tasks are broken even further until all tasks are simple and well understood. Binfire also support milestones and dependencies. These enable Binfire to be used in a real world projects. You can make a task to start only when another tasks is finished. To use a construction terminology “build the foundation” and only then start “building the walls”. In addition the application enables the user to record the progress for each task using the % complete scrollbar.

Compare binfire.com to competition. Binfire has the right features for both traditional and distributed teams. With a combination of task management & collaboration features, Binfire makes managing projects a lot easier than it used to be.

Visit binfire.com and see how it can help your team to be more productive!


David Robins