Project management software for distributed teams!

When we started to work on our project management software in May 2010, we set one goal for our team and that goal was to have the most advance and yet easy to use collaborative project management software designed for distributed teams. After a lot of work and many revisions I am glad to report that we are there. We have thousands of small businesses that use binfire because it is easy to use. At the same time we have hundreds of major organizations working on large and complicated projects using binfire due to its sophisticated features. The good news is that with all Binfire’s sophistication, you can still use it as an easy to use tool for managing small projects or use all its capabilities for large and complex projects.

Today we released the new version of our software which will be the most sophisticated and at the same time easy to use project management and collaboration software for distributed teams in the market. In this new version you can move a task from one project to another, including comments, attached files and tags. You can also copy tasks from one project to another. You can print the Gantt chart or export it in the PDF file format. The UI has improved so you can find things easily. In addition you can decide to use the UTC standard time or local time in your application.

If you have a distributed team, try the best project management software specifically designed for your team. When you signup, the level of collaboration within your team and outside customers & contractors goes up, the productivity goes up, The quality of your product is improved and  the time to market of your product is reduced significantly.

Give binfire a try, it is the best thing you can do for your team!


David Robins