5 Phase plan

Project Management Best Practices

I have been a project manager for the past 20 years, have worked on small and large projects involving software, hardware, mechanical, manufacturing, logistic & service teams working together to bring products to the market. What I have learned working on hundreds of projects is that there is a blue print for practicing good project management! Education in project management helps, there are many good books & curses that you can take advantage of, but nothing beats  hands on experience and learning from your and other Project Managers’ successes and more importantly your mistakes. If you are new in project management or want to brush up your knowledge about project management best practices, this article is for you.

Projects regardless of how big or small they are have 5 phases (Note: the official name for… Read More

Google Drive Integration

DropBox and Google Docs integration

Binfire has its own excellent online file storage facility which provides file version and a host of other advance file operations in both personal and project folders. Our users have files in other services like DropBox and Google Drive, which they like to use in Binfire as an attachment to their tasks and comments. In the latest version of Binfire we have integrated DropBox, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar. 

Google Drive- you can give permission to the application to access your Google drive files. After you give permission, you can bring your Google drive files to Binfire and use them to attach to file and comments. All your Google drive files are still hosted by Google, only now Binfire has access to them. Binfire displays standard Google driver icons for fil… Read More

Resource loading

Resource Loading Page new in Binfire

You manage several big projects and each project has several members from different disciplines, how do you know if all your resources are allocated properly? How do you know if all members of your team have tasks assigned to them and are not underutilized? How do you know if there are team members who are overbooked? If you don’t correct these short comings your projects are at risk!

Resource loading or resource allocation is a great tool for viewing who is doing what throughout the project life cycle. It show all tasks assigned to each member of the project. For each task the application shows how many hours are allocated for each day, week or month for each team member. This information can show if one or more project members are overloaded or have time to take on more responsibility and tasks. Using this informa… Read More

Task Management

Binfire supports hours for tasks

Up to now, you could assign tasks in Binfire in “days” duration only. That meant the minimum duration of any task was 1 day. In real world projects, there are cases that a task takes less than 1 day. For contractors who work on hourly basis, the inability to create and track tasks by hours is a big hindrance which disconnects the project management tasks and goals from billing and invoicing.

In the new version of Binfire’s project management application we have fixed this issue. Now you can create tasks by hours or days. So when you assign a task to a team member, you can set the duration to either days or hours. There is no limit in the number of hours you can assign. Assume in the workspace calendar, you have set the workday to 8 hours, if you assign a task with duration of 24 hours, the application will convert t… Read More

Screen Shot 2014-06-01 at 6.25.21 AM

Workspace Calendar in Binfire

Not every project is the same or people work the same hours and the same days. Binfire provides a mechanism for the project manager to coordinate tasks and people as fits the project requirements. The workspace calendar in Binfire sets the following fields for all projects in a given workspace

How many hours people works each days
Which days are weekends for your projects
Which days are holidays

The application takes this information into account when tasks are entered into the system. So if you define work day as 8 hours, a 12 hour tasks is divided to a day and half. If the duration of a task is 4 days and the task start day is a Friday and Saturdays and Sundays are marked as weekends in the calendar, the task will start on Friday and finish the next Wednesday.  During S… Read More

virtual-teams 6

Latest release from Binfire

Dear Customers,

We just released the latest version of our project management and collaboration software. This release is a big departure from earlier versions of the application. We have added the following enhancements:

Workspace- Each customer now has a unique workspace to create and manage projects
Workspace Calendar- You can set hours per workday, weekends and holidays for all your projects.
Project Template- Now you can use any existing project as a template for new one. The mechanism for doing so is project duplicate
Project- Archive- You can archive projects that are finished but may need in the future
Resource Loading- You can see the resource loading for all your workspace and each individual project
Google Drive Integration- You can use yo… Read More

MS project gone bad

Now is the time to leave Microsoft Project

For longer than I can remember Project managers have used Microsoft projects to manage or better said mismanage projects. MS project was written in an era  when collaboration was not in the lexicon of project managers. The manager would sit down. Create a plan out of thin air, will do everything possible to sell the plan, milestones and the deadlines to the team and upper management. Then he or she would hire a project admin to manage the MS project file. This admin would go around get status reports from every single member of the team, will update the plan, print it on a very large piece of paper. In the weekly project meetings, everybody would go over this plan. Since the data was gathered from single islands, nobody could agree on the millstones or what the objectives of the team were. The admin will take the data… Read More

electric bike

What are we doing to help the environment?

We all care for our environment, the air we breath, the water we drink, the food we consume and the soil we build our homes on. Bu not all of us do enough to clean and protect our environment. Before ending the old year and starting a new year, we decided in addition to using energy efficient lights, ability to work from home to reduce our commute and using solar panels to heat our offices and our water, we needed to do more. We brain stormed a lot and tried to find an effective way to reduce our collective carbon foot print. After much debate we decide to buy for all the employees in our office electric bikes. The rational behind this decision was as follows:

We wanted to reduce the use of cars for commute to the office and back
We wanted our staff to engage in physical activity
We wa… Read More

data safety 3

Who owns your data?

When working on projects, you and your team generate and store a lot of valuable data. The question you need to ask before selecting a project management applications is this, who owns the data generated and stored in your project management application?

In Binfire we believe you and only you own all data created & stored by you, by your team and by your customers in the our project management application. That is why we have implemented tools for you to download & upload all data in your projects and save them on your local storage device. Even if you stop using Binfire (highly unlikely), you will own and control all data you ever created and stored in all your projects while using Binfire. Even project activity data like project timeline, who did what and when and more is downloadable in Binfire.

Why do… Read More


Google calendar Sync

Last week we released a new version of our project management application which has several new features. One of those features which I will describe in detail in this blog is Google calendar sync. From ow you can see all your tasks in Google calendar and get alarm when a task is due . Every member of project can sync his / her tasks with google calendar. To do so, of course you need a gmail account and access to Google calendar.

To enable calendar sync you need to give permission so Binfire can access your google calendar. To do so, go to the task page and click on Enable Google Calendar Sync button in top of the page as shown in the image below:

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