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Our latest & best project management software

I am happy to announce that we have just released the latest version of our project management software. We are proud to  bring to the market the only project management and collaboration software proven to improve productivity and communication in teams small and large, traditional or virtual. This version includes several advanced features we have have been working for the past few months. We believe project management professionals looking for great project management software can’t find a more complete, easy to use and visually appealing PM application in the market other than Binfire. In the following paragraphs, I have listed major new features found in this release.

Task Dashboard

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Update- Binfire offers discounts for nonprofits & student groups

A while back we announced that Binfire offers substantial discounts for student groups and nonprofit organizations who use Binfire’s project management software. That post was not clear enough. Here we have clarified what these organizations need to do to qualify for discounts.
Student Groups
We offer free subscriptions for student groups. All members in the same workspace need to have the same college email address and show they are working on educational projects or class work as part of their college studies.
Nonprofit organizations
We offer substantial discounts for nonprofit organizations. To qualify, the nonprofit needs to be registered as such in the country they are active. A copy of organization’s nonprofit status is required.
Educational Institutions
We also offer substantial … Read More


The best way to estimate tasks

task_estimationEstimating task duration in a project is hard and haunting endeavor, it is even harder when the project is big and complex and consist of a large team. How do you create a project plan and the schedule which is realistic and not based on wishful thinking? How do you avoid project delays and cost overruns which are common in more than 80% of all projects active today? There is nothing more demoralizing than a project which is running late and over budget when you sincerely believe you have done everything humanly possible to make the project finish on time & bu… Read More


Gantt Chart

GanttChart2Gantt Charts are amazing tools for tacking & monitoring a projects’ progress. If in real life a picture is wroth a 1000 words, in project management life cycle a Gantt is worth many times more than just a task list or Excel sheet! Few project management software packages on the market today provide real useful Gantt charts and even fewer provide interactive & useful Gantt charts. If you are not familiar with Gantt charts  and how they are used, two good resources are wikipedia’s Gantt page and Binf… Read More


How to reduce stress in your team

stress-2You are working on a very important but difficult project for your company, deadlines are approaching fast, everybody in your team works long hours plus spending time on weekends. Your management is restless and wants an update every few minute like a spoiled child wanting candy. Everybody in your team is giving more than 100% of themselves and are totally exhausted! When nerves are under stress, the tension rises and people behave irrationally. As the project manager what do you need to do to reduce the tension and anxiety in your team and calm the nerves? Failing to do so, will jeop… Read More

Burndown chart

Burndown chart are not only for Scrum & Agile Project Management

PM2One of the best tools for accurately reporting the current status of a project is burndown chart! Using burndown chart you can track the progress of your project against a given baseline! The chart shows instantly if your project is ahead of schedule or behind the schedule and by how much! Although burndown charts are most commonly used by Agile and Scrum project management teams, they are useful and highly recommended for any other project management technique you may choose for your projects.

Why Burndown Chart?
To understand what burn down chart does, lets go … Read More


Why traditional teams need same tools as virtual teams?

Virtual_teams-1In the past, virtual teams faced many challenges that traditional teams  did not encounter. But these days more often than not traditional teams are behaving more and more like virtual teams and face the same issues. The fact that all team members are not in the same location all the time is making traditional teams similar to virtual teams! People travel, work from home or work from offices across the street or across the oceans. The effect is the same, not everybody is in the same location at the same time all the time! To properly manage projects, teams need the… Read More


Why Binfire is ideal project management software for start-ups?

startups-imageWell, you have started your own startup alone or with your co-founders, congratulations are in order! You are for an adventure of life time! It is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! It is the most satisfying thing you will do all your life and at the same time the most difficult & time consuming work you will be ever doing! Startups don’t have the luxury of endless time & cash! Small mistakes could be fatal to the future of the company and if anybody needs help it is today’s startups!

To be efficient & productive, start ups need the rig… Read More


Why Collaboration matters in Project Management?

virtual teamWhen more than one person is working on a project, the collaboration between the team members is the deciding factor in the project’s success or failure. Without coordination and collaboration the project has little chance of success. When Microsoft Project first came out, every project manager rushed out to get a copy! It was a great tool after all. Adding tasks and assigning them to people was easy and to view the project in a graphical format (Gantt) was wonderful. No more Excel for managing projects! Everybody thought using MS Project will improve team productivity, short… Read More


Latest release of Binfire’s project management software

Today we released the latest version of our project management software. This release is all about security and making the application run faster. As the picture above shows Binfire now has a A+ security rating when it comes to safety of user’s data and files. We moved all our servers to newer and much faster machines to make your experience using the application faster and more responsive.

In addition, Binfire now truly enables project managers to manage and track multiple projects. The project and portfolio resource loading are advance features not found in other project management or task management applications in the market today.They help you manage resources across multiple projects.

Project reporting and portfolio reporting are two features which make any manager’s job much easier when r… Read More