Burndown chart

Burndown chart are not only for Scrum & Agile Project Management

PM2One of the best tools for accurately reporting the current status of a project is burndown chart! Using burndown chart you can track the progress of your project against a given baseline! The chart shows instantly if your project is ahead of schedule or behind the schedule and by how much! Although burndown charts are most commonly used by Agile and Scrum project management teams, they are useful and highly recommended for any other project management technique you may choose for your projects.

Why Burndown Chart?
To understand what burn down chart does, lets go … Read More


Why traditional teams need same tools as virtual teams?

Virtual_teams-1In the past, virtual teams faced many challenges that traditional teams  did not encounter. But these days more often than not traditional teams are behaving more and more like virtual teams and face the same issues. The fact that all team members are not in the same location all the time is making traditional teams similar to virtual teams! People travel, work from home or work from offices across the street or across the oceans. The effect is the same, not everybody is in the same location at the same time all the time! To properly manage projects, teams need the… Read More


Why Binfire is ideal project management software for start-ups?

startups-imageWell, you have started your own startup alone or with your co-founders, congratulations are in order! You are for an adventure of life time! It is both exhilarating and terrifying at the same time! It is the most satisfying thing you will do all your life and at the same time the most difficult & time consuming work you will be ever doing! Startups don’t have the luxury of endless time & cash! Small mistakes could be fatal to the future of the company and if anybody needs help it is today’s startups!

To be efficient & productive, start ups need the rig… Read More


Why Collaboration matters in Project Management?

virtual teamWhen more than one person is working on a project, the collaboration between the team members is the deciding factor in the project’s success or failure. Without coordination and collaboration the project has little chance of success. When Microsoft Project first came out, every project manager rushed out to get a copy! It was a great tool after all. Adding tasks and assigning them to people was easy and to view the project in a graphical format (Gantt) was wonderful. No more Excel for managing projects! Everybody thought using MS Project will improve team productivity, short… Read More


Latest release of Binfire’s project management software

Today we released the latest version of our project management software. This release is all about security and making the application run faster. As the picture above shows Binfire now has a A+ security rating when it comes to safety of user’s data and files. We moved all our servers to newer and much faster machines to make your experience using the application faster and more responsive.

In addition, Binfire now truly enables project managers to manage and track multiple projects. The project and portfolio resource loading are advance features not found in other project management or task management applications in the market today.They help you manage resources across multiple projects.

Project reporting and portfolio reporting are two features which make any manager’s job much easier when r… Read More


Who is Using Binfire?

We have been in business for almost 4 years now and quietly are building one the best online project management and collaboration application in the market. We have put 100% of our efforts in design & development and none in marketing and advertising. The reason for this is o our belief that a good product sells itself.

Recently someone from a trade Journal asked me who is using Binfire? who are your customers? for what type of projects your application is used? I gave her a list of companies who use Binfire and how they use it to be more productive. She asked me why nowhere in your site these customer success stories are mentioned? I have thought about what she said in the past few days and cam to conclusion that is  she is absolutely right! We indeed should celebrate our successes stories with our customers m… Read More


Project Portfolio Management

If you manage multiple projects you know how hard it is to coordinate & balance resources & timelines across all your projects. You have finite resources and time. You need to manage both your resources and time efficiently if you have any chance of success in your projects.  Project portfolio  management is a set of tools that helps you to manage multiple projects concurrently. Most project management applications in the market are targeted for managing single projects and are usually simple tasks list or to-do list. Here in Binfire we are adding new project portfolio tools for managing multiple projects to make your job easier and improve productivity of your organization. I have listed a few of the project portfolio tools we have or we are adding to Binfire in the near future.

Portfolio Resource… Read More

5 Phase plan

Project Management Best Practices

I have been a project manager for the past 20 years, have worked on small and large projects involving software, hardware, mechanical, manufacturing, logistic & service teams working together to bring products to the market. What I have learned working on hundreds of projects is that there is a blue print for practicing good project management! Education in project management helps, there are many good books & curses that you can take advantage of, but nothing beats  hands on experience and learning from your and other Project Managers’ successes and more importantly your mistakes. If you are new in project management or want to brush up your knowledge about project management best practices, this article is for you.

Projects regardless of how big or small they are have 5 phases (Note: the official name for… Read More

Google Drive Integration

DropBox and Google Docs integration

Binfire has its own excellent online file storage facility which provides file version and a host of other advance file operations in both personal and project folders. Our users have files in other services like DropBox and Google Drive, which they like to use in Binfire as an attachment to their tasks and comments. In the latest version of Binfire we have integrated DropBox, Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Calendar. 

Google Drive- you can give permission to the application to access your Google drive files. After you give permission, you can bring your Google drive files to Binfire and use them to attach to file and comments. All your Google drive files are still hosted by Google, only now Binfire has access to them. Binfire displays standard Google driver icons for fil… Read More

Resource loading

Resource Loading Page new in Binfire

You manage several big projects and each project has several members from different disciplines, how do you know if all your resources are allocated properly? How do you know if all members of your team have tasks assigned to them and are not underutilized? How do you know if there are team members who are overbooked? If you don’t correct these short comings your projects are at risk!

Resource loading or resource allocation is a great tool for viewing who is doing what throughout the project life cycle. It show all tasks assigned to each member of the project. For each task the application shows how many hours are allocated for each day, week or month for each team member. This information can show if one or more project members are overloaded or have time to take on more responsibility and tasks. Using this informa… Read More